As everyone knows, “content is king” and video is now the undisputed king of kings on the web. More than ever companies are looking to create a video or series of videos that show how their company, products and services work and why they have advantages over their competition. With these goals in mind here are 10 tips to make your corporate video the best it can be:

  1. Set realistic goals when it comes to the content to be captured. Don’t suggest a 3 camera drone sequence on a tight budget!
  2. Prior to contacting a production company, determine who in the company is willing and capable of being interviewed or presenting in the video.
  3. Establish a “Do Not Exceed Budget” prior to getting the project bid out to vendors. This is a big one because it saves time and energy on both sides of the production. Effort goes into doing the best video possible for the budget rather than creating unrealistic expectations within the company or from the Production Company. Another option is to use an online service like, which can give you upfront pricing in under a minute.
  4. Come up with a Creative Concept internally that clearly defines what’s expected from the video. For corporate videos, it’s difficult for a Producer to dictate what needs to be accomplished and what company resources can be brought to bear on the project.
  5. Insist on regular “Pre-Production” calls with the Production Company or Producer to go over what’s needed from the company; which locations, who the on-camera talent from the company will be, what the schedule is, etc. Pre-Production is the key part of the process, resulting in smooth productions or rocky rides.
  6. Establish a point person who deals directly with the Production Company and ultimate decision maker at the company. Without this projects drift and become “too many cooks in the kitchen” endeavors that result in muddled messages and deadline’s missed.
  7. You know your company best, but the production professionals you hire should be the experts when it comes to their tasks. If you’ve hired the Producer to get the job done, listen to the Producer and trust his/her input.
  8. Beware of “Mission Creep”. This is a reiteration of #10, in that realistic goals are established at the outset of the project and everything possible should be done to keep the scope of the project in line with the budget. The production process is seductive and can often become a wish list affair that can cause budget overruns if not contained.
  9. Ask for review samples from your producer or production company for similar projects. Base your vendor selection on the work they’ve done previously.
  10. Make sure you do your homework on the production company and that includes a conversation with the Producer responsible. Often that conversation makes the selection obvious. If you hire a professional, seasoned Producer or Production Company most of the hard work is done.Hire a professional!

If all or most of these tips are checked off as the production progresses, a good quality video will be the result and you might actually enjoy the experience!

Written by: John Briccetti, Owner of DEG Productions, DEG Direct Response and Deerfield Education Group & Partner of Future of Fishing, Inc., Partner of

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