DEG, Inc. is at its foundation a full-service media production company based in Westchester County, New York. Founded in 1984, DEG became one of the nation’s leading producers of educational video content and one of the tri-state area’s premier providers of spot, corporate and broadcast programs. Today DEG is one of the most active production companies in the country. DEG’s comprehensive team includes experts in both the health and guidance arena as well as core curriculum. We are at our heart creative producers and bring this expertise to bear on both our internal and external projects.

We have won countless industry and consumer awards. Our creative, production team has been together for many years, producing content that gets results.

Our talented team of production professionals that make up DEG are truly our greatest resource. This is what gives us the ability to consistently produce programs that exceed our client’s creative and technical expectations.


John Briccetti

Co-Pres./Exec. Producer

As a Producer, he has managed countless national brand and DRTV commercial projects, educational and corporate video, audio and new media initiatives. Many of his short-form, brand and long-form productions have been large scale success stories producing tens of millions in sales. He has also produced broadcast news and television series as well. His entrepreneurial spirit and instincts are always available to clients and colleagues alike. He is also the co-inventor of the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure System, which was recently awarded its utility patent. The product sells throughout the world with over 6 million lures sold to date in over 12 countries including its strong presence in the US market. The knowledge and passion he brings to each and every production manifests itself in unique, quality finished products.

Dan Sladkus

Co-Pres./Exec. Producer

After more than 30 years in business Dan has developed unparalleled production resources. His business acumen, which culminated in him taking his first company public, has been earned through many years of challenging economic conditions and changing production technologies. Dan’s measured, calm demeanor is invaluable on set. 

His long-standing relationships in casting, location, specialized gear procurement and crewing are invaluable for any DEG production.

He founded Deerfield Productions, Inc. in 1984, which merged with SmartPros LTD. a publicly traded company in 1999. He built the company into one of the most active production houses on the East coast. In 2005 as an outgrowth of Deerfield ’s success, DEG was formed with partner John Briccetti, focused on producing successful Advertising, Corporate, Broadcast and dynamic educational media.

Andrew Allan

Writer and Director

Andrew Allan is one of the top creative minds in DRTV today. As both a director and scriptwriter, he has worked on more than 800 DRTV, lead generation, brand response and drive to retail projects over the past decade, many of which have become hits and household names. Altogether, his spots and long-form shows have generated nearly a billion dollars in sales.

Andrew has a relaxed presence on set that belies his detailed preparation for each production. He creates vivid shot lists as part of his process that not only help him visualize what needs to be shot, but gives DEG’s producer’s a great sense of what can be accomplished to “make the day”.

His scripts often have a lyrical, poetic cadence that is his hallmark style and are detailed in their visual nature as well, as a road map for Producer’s and clients alike.

His dry sense of humor, unflappable nature and love of NJ brick oven pizza make him a true pleasure to have on the DEG team.

Hits include: HomeServe, Qunol, Online Trading Academy (AdSphere Winner), NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (#1 show), Ice Genie, Wonder Bible, Trendy Top, Aspen Dental, Atrantil, Aqua Globes, Spacebags, Lint Wizard, Hot Buns, MicroTouch One Razor, Rocky Mountain Tumbler, Slim n Lift, Forever Comfy, Snuggie Up, StoneWell, FlexAble Hose, Mitsubishi Unisen, and Slim Away.

Robert Fredette

Editor & Post-Prod SPVR

Focus: Broadcast and Commercial Projects Rob specializes in high-level video editing, graphic design, and audio mixing. Robert is versatile on any system: Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Adobe Encore. His style is adaptable for every project, working with Directors and Producers in all markets. He provides DEG’s clients the most professional, innovative, & low-stress post-production project management and hands on editing possible. Rob is a truly talented graphic artist as well, and as spots become more and more motion graphic focused, his skills help elevate DEG’s projects to a new level. His edit instincts are right on, providing a sophisticated sensibility and vision for each and every project.

Peter Mariuzza

Director of Photography

Peter’s great strength as a Director of Photography is his artistic “eye”. With over 20 years of experience, his talent manifests itself in a natural knowledge of the properties of light and what it takes to make a shot beautiful. He’s worked on nearly every kind of project from 35mm film and HD national spots to feature length independent films, documentaries, long-form dramatic educational videos and everything in between. His work on award-winning feature and short films in recent years has garnered Peter a great deal of attention as a Director of Photography with a big-league future.

Patrice Olszewski

Prop/Art & Wardrobe Director

As a key part of the DEG team, Patrice is responsible for helping to bring the Creative Director, Director and Producer’s vision to life on set.

Through her exhaustive planning, shopping for props a scene demands or wardrobe for talent that fit various branding or style guidelines, various set design elements, she’s able to enhance any production through color, design and attention to detail.

Her calm, kind demeanor gives the rest of the crew and often the clients, comfort on set as the stress of the production builds.

She understands the importance of her role and is always ready to pitch in to improve a design element to bring the overall production value up a notch.

The fine details of advertising or marketing are often brought to life by the right prop, set element or article of clothing that both fits a client’s branding guidelines and make a scene pop with life.

Patrice is an asset on every DEG production.

Richard Ramsauer


Award winning editor with over 30 years’ experience. Specializing in Documentaries, Commercials and Corporate training & promotions. Richard has proficient knowledge in various software platforms including but not limited to editing using Avid, Adobe Premiere, and Davinci Resolve. Animation using After Effects and Blender. Graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator. These abilities along with color correction and audio mixing ensures a broadcast ready project.

The ability to self-manage and at the same time work side by side with Directors and Producers facilitates the creation of an exceptional final product. Editing in a remote environment requires communication between the client and editor this is Richard’s talent, for all parties to come together and create their vision.

Ted Sherman

Location & Production Manager

Ted Sherman, a Native of Boston, MA, has over 15 years of experience as a Location and Production Manager. He obtained this in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on experience by working his way up through the ranks in Boston and New York TV and Film communities. Ted lent his cool demeanor and attention to detail to both the location and production departments. He has a keen ability to build and foster relationships, and has done so with many crew members and city-wide entities such as the NYPD Movie Unit, The Central Park Conservancy, The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting, as well as valuable location contacts at a local and state level.

His relationships have allowed him to work on many Television, Film and Commercial projects, including those which require extensive Pyrotechnics and Driving stunts. In addition to his primary functions as a Locations and Production Manager, he communicates a level of unflappable comfort while amiably ensuring safety. As DEG’s Production Manager, Ted keeps talent, crew and locations scheduled in an organized, seamless fashion.

When he is not exploring exotic or local locations, he can be found relaxing at his home in Westchester County, studying the history of Baseball, or traveling with his family.

Sean Tracy

Director, DP & Editor

Sean is a resourceful, multi-talented Commercial Director, Cinematographer & Editor. His growing portfolio includes DRTV spots, dietary supplement commercials that drive customers to retail, various beauty commercials and video and many other categories.  Sean is truly well organized when it comes to pre-production, with an ability to plan each shot in an efficient and creative way. He often creates exhaustive, well designed shot lists or mood boards for DEG projects that help frame and focus the production for clients and DEG staff alike.

He has a proven ability to lead large-scale commercial shoots, music videos, corporate, social and other content creation. Sean has an extensive knowledge of multiple NLEs including Resolve, Premiere, FCPX and vital creative software like After Effects, C4D, UE4/5. Sean is also an owner/operator with an extensive gear list that includes 4K camera’s, lighting, grip etc. As a talented Director who’s also a DP, Sean understands how to efficiently set up shots, work energetically with talent and keep the day moving with great results.

He’s worked with many brands for DEG and for his own independent clients, like; Brands: Arcade1Up, Ageless Male, Novartis, Slimfast, Budweiser, Choice Hotels, Melitta, PlaySight, Ad Council, Shark Vacuum, Girl Scouts of America, New Vitality, MOVED, Vanquish, Super Beta Prostate, Orthology, Unilever, Acme Tools, HelloFresh, XL Airways, Breton USA, Glacier Insurance, Rejuvenate, Navage, Canine Company, Benefunder​, and Voxx.

Loves soccer, tennis, martial arts, playing dinosaurs with his daughter and motion capture animation. Dislikes Nicolas Cage.