Although there are more and more good low-cost video production sources out there, there are also many inexperienced, low-quality choices. I can’t tell you how many times after just short conversations, new or prospective clients have said in effect, “I should have come to you earlier. I spent good money on a video or commercial and I’m just not happy with what I got. They didn’t know what they were doing”.

More and more the ‘competition’ for seasoned professional commercial or video producers are kids just out of college working from their parent’s garage or basement. Or lower end wedding style producers with the right gear but not the right know-how. This ‘competition’ does the entire industry a disservice by actually promising to do a good job for $2,500. Sorry to say low costs like these are not saving the client money, but really it’s throwing good money away.

As a customer looking to produce a commercial or video for your product or company, you must demand that a good portion of the budget you allocate gets put on-screen. Talented on-screen performers, experienced crew, and the highest quality camera and other production gear, along with professional voiceover talent are elements essential to a quality product. Usually these “higher end” professionals are the secret sauce of good Producer’s. They have worked with seasoned pros for years and those contacts are the gold that make good or great quality finished videos or commercials.

Much of the video production space has seen a deflation in budgets due to this “bargain basement producer” phenomenon. Like most old sayings “you get what you pay for” is accurate when it comes to video production.

Make production vendor decisions based primarily on them providing appropriate, category specific samples that illustrate what they’ve produced and then ask for the produced cost of each sample. This is the best way to make a production company selection with confidence, instead of “bargain basement producer anxiety”.


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