DEG Productions, Inc. is proud to announce its new commercial campaign for Martha & Marley Spoon, in the “meal ready to cook” segment, featuring cuisine and home furnishing icon, Martha Stewart.

DEG Production and DEG Direct Response produced the Brand Response commercial in 2016 and it has been airing for several months nationally. DEG provided all pre-production, planning, state-of-the-art production equipment, a veteran crew and complete post-production.

The commercial is a stylish, unique foray into this crowded category. Of course, the key benefit and point of difference Martha & Marley Spoon has over the competition is undeniable, Martha Stewart! She created and inspired the menu, and with her incredible team, sourced the freshest ingredients, to create the definitive entry in this growing space.

DEG Productions, Inc. hopes this is the first of many projects with this incredible brand.

Please visit the Martha & Marley Spoon website to check it out…