Production Services



We’ve been crafting custom production solutions since 1984.

Production Services

We can handle any production from a simple single shoot day with an ENG style camera crew to a complex production involving a crew of 25 or more with the production equipment to match. DEG gets your production done efficiently and on budget, without drama or stress. We do all the “heavy lifting” so you, the client, can relax!


One of DEG’s strengths is in the area of pre-production. In our experience, pre-pro is a critical element in the production process, providing unique solutions to each project’s individual needs. From the start of a project, DEG works closely with our clients to determine key creative visual and messaging goals for the project. Working from the information provided from location scouting, script breakdowns and talent casting we will determine the most expedient way to produce the project with the goal of maintaining high production standards while keeping costs contained.


Our production department is accustomed to large projects with tight deadlines. We have a “deep bench” when it comes to staffing, with highly qualified production professionals. We have the “bandwidth” to take on large projects and stay on-schedule, while still providing superior work that will surpass expectations.

Our production team has worked on literally hundreds of educational programs, national spots, corporate videos and broadcast programs.

Our equipment resources in terms camera, audio, grip and lighting packages are unmatched in our region. The “look” of our productions is unique because we utilize extremely high-end production techniques in productions with sometimes challenging budgets. We try to integrate striking visuals into scenes whenever possible, often through the use of camera movement and bold, cinematic lighting. This approach gives our projects higher production values more akin to films.

DEG is one of the nation’s leading producers of dramatic scenario and classroom-based educational programs. We are also a market leader in the production of national broadcast commercials in the Direct Response and Health and Beauty categories. This experience has helped make DEG a highly efficient production organization, capable of simultaneously handling multiple productions with large casts and crew.

Audio Production

Broadcast and Digital streaming Audio Spot Production

DEG Direct is a full-service creative production company offering digital streaming and audio production and creative services for advertising agencies and individual businesses. We serve clients in the United States, Canada and worldwide

We provide audio creative including copywriting services, direct response radio, voice overs and radio commercial audio production services, music & sound effects in our in-house digital audio recording studio. In addition, we have very large roster of male and female voice over artists available for quick turnaround at flexible pricing.

At DEG Direct we understand that many advertising agencies offer full-service marketing for their clients. We can serve as your “in-house” production resource to compliment your client services.

Audio Book Production
Deerfield Education Group (DEG) has been providing end to end production of large-scale audio book projects for major educational book publishers for many years.

We’ve built the largest and most experienced roster of VO Artists focused on e-learning in the country. This talented team of professional’s records, edits, QC’s, provides file naming and mastering services. We continue to build out capacity, adding new VO pros to the team on an on-going basis.

Our ability to produce audio book projects on reasonable budgets, on-schedule is unmatched in the industry.


DEG has substantial post-production resources. In terms of editing capacity and creative editing talent that often combine live action footage, motion graphics and animation to create stunning visual combinations. This comprehensive approach allows us to control all aspects of the project, resulting in a compelling final product.

Our experience cutting many successful national spots that drive results makes us a leader in this market. Our post-production expertise extends to the educational and corporate markets as well. Truly almost no one in the nation has more varied experience putting together powerful educational and corporate media than DEG.


  • Project Research

    Our first step is to find out more about you, your company, service or product. Then with that knowledge, we work with you to determine what type of production will be the strongest for your message. We want to ensure that our goals and vision align with yours.

  • Script & Creative

    This step is one of the most important in the entire process. This is where we shape the content, tone, and length of the video. The goal is to draw in viewers with a video that’s tailored to their wants, needs and preferences. We want to deliver the maximum “bang” in the shortest amount of time, as attention spans are short. We can create the script, work with you in its creation, or work from your provided script.

  • Frames and Storyboarding

    Key frames are still images showing what a specific portion of your commercial or video will look like. This gets our vision out of our heads and into a tangible form for your feedback. Once we have agreed on a visual style, we move onto storyboards. A storyboard is a visual representation of your video, told through a series of still frames that showcase major moments in the video. These steps lay out the look/feel and overall flow of your video.

  • Voiceover

    Professional voiceover talent is key. We have a large pool of voice talent to choose from – male, female, corporate, casual – we can work with you to determine the best fit for your video.

  • Video Production

    Once the voiceover and storyboard are complete and approved, we get started on producing your commercial or video. When it’s ready, we’ll upload it and ask for your comments and feedback.

  • Sound Design

    Once our animators and editors have completed the visual components, our professional sound designer adds sound effects and music to bring the video to life. This final level of polish helps to elevate your video above all the other videos out there.

  • Final Delivery

    Upon final approval, we’ll provide the completed master in the file type of your choice. All of the project files are kept on hand on our servers in case revisions or updates are needed in the future.