We’ve noticed a misguided trend when it comes to the Direct Respone, lead generation market that follows an old maxim; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Many working direct response lead generation campaigns have a commercial that performs better than others in their rotation and are considered the ‘control’. You’ve seen these spots and very often they run endlessly, sometimes for years.

To our way of thinking, this is shortsighted because these time tested messages and offers can be repurposed with new creative, featuring fresh on-screen talent and upgraded production values. This may seem self-serving from someone who owns a production company catering to this market, but without new, fresh creative every offer eventually dies. Sometimes just upgrading the production with newly produced b-roll images, motion graphics and voice-over can mean a boom in response.

It seems to us that the backend functions like media planning, call center, etc. gets the lion share of the attention in this market. This makes a certain sense, because it doesn’t matter how many calls you get, if you can’t close them in the call center or on-line. But, to be plain, no one knows the offer exists unless they see the spot, are moved by it in some emotional way and respond to it. That’s why paying attention to the creative and continuingly updating it makes so much sense.

One of the best ways to cost-effectively provide new creative with a higher probability of succeeding is to plan on producing various versions from the start. By producing two or three slightly different spot versions that stress discreet benefits or offers, the product owner or marketer gives themselves a higher probability of success.

So many times we’ve seen lead generation campaigns on air that must work because of the high volume they run, but can appear quite dated in terms of production styles, graphics etc. Trying something fresh and new creatively or just refreshing old creative can make all the difference.

Find a producer who’s willing to share their creative vision and offer a competitive cost and you might take your offer to a new level.


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