2019 was a banner year for advertisers, the companies that buy the media and in some cases, the companies that develop the creative campaigns like DEG Direct Response. Looking ahead a bit, what does 2020 hold for all of the above? Will companies continue to spend on social, TV, radio and other forms of advertising at the same levels? Worldwide TV spending has finally been eclipsed by Digital Ad spending and that trend will only continue.

For DEG Direct and DEG Productions, we’ve had a bit of a renaissance, doing interesting, challenging production work for a variety of clients in an even larger assortment of categories; household products, dietary supplements, pain and sinus relief devices, pet product campaigns, insurance of various types and on and on. We’ve managed to navigate the stormy seas of commercial production through weaker and stronger years, and somehow have come out in an enviable place; we’re in demand doing creative production work for healthy budgets, for clients with products and services that benefit their customers.

We also continue to reap the rewards that can be had by investing our own time and capital in producing spots for DRTV products that have broad appeal. Our Mighty Bite Fishing System has been a spin-off, stand-alone business of ours for many years now and started much the same way; with an idea and abundant sweat equity. Many tests, re-tests and failed experiments have yielded some promising results and this year, a homerun campaign in the form of Perfect Cushion, using spots we produced in conjunction with several partners. This product had a long ride to where it is now; airing nationally everyday as a true DRTV hit that’s climbing the sales charts and now rolled out in most major retailers, also selling briskly. Allstar Products Group is the marketer of the product and is using their unique brand of DRTV magic to help make this a big winner.

As the younger demo continues to peel off from traditional TV, watching less and less, older, 50 plus viewers still spend a lot of time digesting television programming, seeing commercials of all types and buying from DRTV advertising. Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and other social media advertising is blended in to create long lasting brands in a way that wasn’t possible even 5 years ago.

Traditional lead generation advertisers have also been kind to DEG in 2019. We have produced a variety of winning creatives in 120/60/30 second formats for large international companies like HomeServe, a home warranty insurance company. DEG also produced a long-form with a strategic partner (MMP) for one of the biggest players in the health insurance industry, Anthem Health and the ½ hour show is performing very well. Will the positivity and growth of 2019 continue into 2020? No one knows, but indications are that advertisers must generate leads now more than ever. They need experienced, detail-oriented producers to fill this need.

Additionally, one of the major categories DEG Direct Response is most known in, the Dietary Supplement industry, is also a source of growth. DEG continues to serve its valued existing and many new clients who need to drive either direct or retail sales through clever creative that makes a connection with the viewer.

I usually keep away from directly promoting DEG through LinkedIn, but 2019 was a unique year, where many investments in time and hard-earned expertise have paid off. Will this new year be a repeat of this success or something else? It’s hard to say, but the trends are good, so we will keep our heads down and continue to solve the problems that help our client’s brands grow.

Article originally published on Linked In – Nov 7, 2019:

John Briccetti

Owner and Co-President of DEG Direct Response